Building your new website

How we work

We use a proven system to get your site up and running within 30 days. We aim to make the whole process as smooth as possible. To ensure that things start off on the right foot: before we begin building your new website, we need all your content - if we don't it's a little like trying to build a house without a solid foundation. If you don't have time, or would prefer to leave it to the professionals, we do have a copywriting service if you need help with producing SEO optimized content. We also provide 5 free stock images with every site and can quote you for additional images.

Building on solid foundations

Pre Project

1. Initial contact

2. Complete our online website enquiry form - link below

3. Book a no obligation Skype session to discuss your website based on your answers to the website enquiry form. (if we are unable to get to a clear picture of what you want to achieve we can book a discovery session to dive a little deeper)

4. We'll put a quote together

5. Accept the quote and pay 50% to secure the project

6. We schedule the project start date


Week 1

Project Kick off

1. On-boarding Skype session to discuss the project

We'll thoroughly plan your website, guide you on the process, and discuss what you need to provide.

2. Provide us with your website content

If we are providing website copy you will need to give us as much information about your business as possible so we can write accurate content.

3. We plan your website structure

We will thoroughly plan your website and guide you through the content you will need to provide.

We discuss design options

We get deep down on colors, fonts, and images and discuss the design aspects of your site.


Week 2

We build your website

We put our web design and development hats on and get to work putting the nuts and bolts on your new website.


Week 3

Our website build continues and towards the end of the week:

Review and perfect your website

1. We provide your with a link to the prototype website  

You will have a chance to review your website and get back to us with your consolidated feedback.

2. We will make revisions according to your feedback

W'ell tweak your website and make the final changes


Week 4

Prepare for launch

1. We will launch your website

You will have a chance to review your website and get back to us with your consolidated feedback.

2. We run a Skype handover training session to show you how to use your new website

We ensure that you know how to easily update and add content your site. You'll also have access to a WordPress video library should you need additional training.

3. You'll be supported by one of our monthly website maintenance and support packages

You'll always have access to a team of WordPress specialists for help when you need it.
Learn more about our support packages.

4. Celebrate! Announce the launch of your new website to your audience!



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