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We're different. We listen. And we build more than just websites.
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We build responsive websites that make an impact, are easy to use, and look great on all devices; tailored to your budget.

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We develop digital strategies to drive traffic, increase leads, or convert customers, we've got you covered.

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Images & Logos

We've partnered with one of the best graphic design houses in Sydney to offer professional imaging and eye catching graphics.

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Keeping your site
up to date

Website maintenance, performance checks, and content updates. You can rest assured your site is protected and running smoothly.

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We've partnered with the best WordPress managed hosting on the planet to offer fast and and secure hosting.

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We create websites with SEO optmized marketing copy designed to convert your target customers and rank well on Google.

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Why Us?

Because we dig deep to find the best solution for your business.

It would be easy to build you a new website like most other web designers do, based on a template and a handful questions which they’ve likely heard the answers to all before. But that likely wouldn’t achieve all that much.
This is why, before we build any new website, we get right to the bottom of why you actually need one. This helps us uncover your objectives and identifies your targets, so we can apply all the right strategies to help you achieve your goals.



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Sydney Residential Buliders

Sydney Residential Builders

The Carbonsier

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Katie Megna

I work in digital marketing and data for a large organisation, but don’t have enough time to work on the website for our family’s construction business. After speaking to and getting quotes from others I chose switched on web design because they were not only competitive in pricing, but they have a strong understanding of branding, voice, responsive design and the marketing involved for the entire digital ecosystem. I could not have been more pleased and we are continuing to work with them beyond the original scope. They understand not only the technology, but the marketing and context critical for top digital results.  I can confirm they deliver enterprise level services to their clients and we were fortunate to find them.


Steve Hardiman

A big thanks to Stephen for getting our site online so fast and on budget. We've got a major government department interested in our product now thanks to the new website. Thanks for coming up with the content ideas, it really helped. We've recommended Switched On Web Design to some of our customers and we'll certainly get in touch when we embark on our next business venture. Thanks again.


Josie Redmonds

We've had loads more people contacting us to volunteer on our projects which are now running to full capacity. It's had a huge impact on our ability to service the local community. Stephen and Annie really understood what we were trying to do here in Malawi and even came up with some great ways to increase our exposure in the charity space that we hadn't thought of, which was a real bonus.


The truth about web design that most web developers don’t want you to know

By Stephen Moylan | November 9, 2018

The plain truth: Building a website is actually not that hard to do, even if you don’t know how to code. That’s why we’ve put together this 11 step guide to building your own website like the pros do. I’ll run though the main aspects of how to setup your new website so you’ll be online…

The 5 most important ingredients of a successful small business website

By Stephen Moylan | October 5, 2018

What are the most important ingredients in a successful website? Many web designers focus on the design elements that need to be included on a successful website. Yes, responsive design is important, yes intuitive navigation is important, yes a fast website is important, and so are clear contact details. And while these elements have their…

Why website support and maintenance is essential for your business website

By Stephen Moylan | October 5, 2018

Essential website support and maintenance. The nightmare scenario: You’re just about to launch a new service. It’s the night before Christmas and you and your team have been planning this launch for weeks. You’ve created a new landing page, you’ve prepared a load of content on social media that’s ready to go live, you’ve booked…

6 steps to boost your SEO without a developer

By Stephen Moylan | October 5, 2018

Tips to rank higher on Google Even though you might think SEO is best left to the realm of developers with technical knowledge of the inner workings of Google, think again, as the truth is it isn’t as complicated as you might think, although many SEO companies would like you to think otherwise. Google’s algorithm…

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How to increase leads on your website

We see a lot of websites that could be performing better, and you'd be surprised the simple things any website owner can do to improve the number of leads they get each day. We get it. Most people are too focussed on their business and don't have time to spend focussing on their website, but it it is crucial to business success. You need to make sure your site is working for you. Download our free guide now to discover 5 easy ways your site can generate more leads.

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